Board of Trustees

2017 - 2018 Board of Trustees 

Robert Byers
Anne Brochu Lambert

Mary Ference
Doug Johnson
Ashley Langlois
Cindy Ogilvie
Robert Perry (Past President)
Johanna Salloum (President)
Nathan Schissel (Vice President)
Munir Haque
Ben Tingley
Thelfa Yee-Toi

Our Board of Trustees are volunteers from the community, with diverse backgrounds in arts, business, and community development. Representatives from the University of Regina and the MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers are appointed to the Board, all other Trustees are voted in at our Annual General Meeting, held in June of each year. All MacKenzie Art Gallery Members are invited to attend the AGM to exercise their voting rights, including voting for Board of Trustee candidates.

Thanks to MacKenzie Board of Trustees' talents, experience and efforts, the MacKenzie has a focused Vision and Mission and is actively developing approaches to meet our strategic goals for serving the community.