Executive Director's Message

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Greetings! At a recent talk I attended by the influential art writer, Boris Groys, he stated—perhaps provocatively to those charged with the care of a museum’s contents—that the most interesting things in art galleries are the people. The traditional role of art museums is transforming in relation to changes in art, society, technology, and economies.

It has perhaps never been a more exciting time to visit an art gallery. No longer dedicated exclusively to the preservation of cultural heritage through the care and collecting of objects, art galleries are increasingly platforms for activities and events: talks, performances, screenings, conferences, parties, concerts, and more. We have not abandoned the collecting of art—but rather expanded the range and scope of our responsibilities—and the ways that we share. Exhibitions themselves may now be considered events that tell stories, much like a book or a film. Art galleries are dynamic sites for sharing information and producing new knowledge. They are places of speculation, provocation, excitement, solace, leisure and more. Art nourishes and strengthens our lives socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

I invite you to visit this amazing community resource again and again. Every new visit to the MacKenzie will be different from the last. I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas. Please join us as we undertake an exciting transformation of Saskatchewan’s largest and most compelling art institution.

Anthony Kiendl
Executive Director and CEO