Stream of Dance Festival - Kick Off

Stream of Dance Festival - Kick Off

April 19, 2018 at 7:00pm

"Spring into Dance" with New Dance Horizons in Residence at MacKenzie Art Gallery. New Dance Horizons (NDH) Stream of Dance offers an eclectic and interactive adventure in moving art through classes, workshops, participation, dialogue, and performances.

Join us in a series of contemporary dance encounters featuring works by Prairie-bases artists and special guests from British Columbia and France.


Stream of Dance Kick off
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Dance with the Proxies - spoken performance with Olivier Bosson and Fabien Pinaroli
An approximate reenactment of a performance initially created by Francoise Lewyllie and Olivier Bosson at Mon Inouie Symphonie Performance Festival (Dunkerque, France). Olivier Bosson and Fabien Pinaroli take you on an approximate journey to revisit the mysterious year, 1979.

Book Launch with Fabien Pinaroli
Re: towards a minor history of exhibitions and performances is a collection of textual and visual essays based on the exhibition Celebration of the Body organized by Ingrid and Iain Baxter (N.E. Thing Co) in 1976 in Kingston, Canada, and its reactiviation in 2012 in three acts: Lyon, Saint-fons and London, by Fabien Pinaroli et al. For more information on the book, please visit the The launch of the book Re: Towards a minor history of exhibitions and performances is supported by the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

A collaborative performance initiated by Helen Pridmore with Johanna Bundon, Astrid Lloyd, Robin Poitras and Krista Solheim. FEMME5 is a collaborative project borne of five performing women, inspired by sound, movement, matter and improvisation. For the Re: Celebrating the Body exhibition and Stream of Dance Festival, FEMME5 engages with Astrid Lloyd's installation, Hammock (2015) in a series of interwoven sketches with movement improvisation and text, that acknowledges the women and feminine forces that have shaped our lives.