Stream of Dance Festival - Prairie Currents A

Stream of Dance Festival - Prairie Currents A

April 20, 2018 at 7:00pm

"Spring into Dance" with New Dance Horizons in residence at MacKenzie Art Gallery. New Dance Horizons (NDH) Stream of Dance offers an eclectic and interactive adventure in moving art through classes, workshops, participation, dialogue, and performances.

Join us in a series of contemporary dance encounters featuring works by prairie-based artists and special guests from British Columbia and France.


Stream of Dance Festival: Prairie Currents A
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Choreographed and performed by Carleigh Macdonald and Natasha Molnar-Fluter. Based on the alumni piece Now and Then, performed by Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan (Fall 2017), Interlude is a reflection on the coming of age process. It explores the struggle of finding your confidence and discovering a sense of self, and celebrates the uncertainty of the transition to adulthood.

Calling Stone
Choreographed and performed by Tina Bertoncini. Calling Stone follows Give me the Taste of Earth, a sketch performed at NDH's 2015 Blueprint Series. These sketches are preliminary explorations into relationship with various earth forms. Soil was the working partner for Give me the Taste of Earth. Stone is the influence for this recent sketch Calling Stone. Both will be integrated into a larger work to be developed over the coming  year.

Untitled 2018
Choreographed and performed by Karen Rose

Freddy (1991)
Choreographed by Rachel Browne, performed by Robyn Thomson Kacki. This solo dance originally created by Sharon Moore is performed to a series of satirical musical compositions, created by Germany between the two World Wars and captured the tone of social decadence that characterized these times.

Choreographed by Jennifer Mascall and performed by School of Contemporary Dancers' Students (Winnipeg). Libretto is the third study in voice and movement in the research I have doing on the sound of a movement.