University of Regina Department of Visual Arts Graduating Exhibition

March 9 - April 7, 2013

The annual Department of Visual Art Graduating Exhibition presents the work of undergraduate students in the Fine Arts program at the University of Regina. Work by the following graduating artists will be featured: Melina Berthelet, Christopher Brown, Miranda Brown, Aaron Davis, Kyle Duckerin, Chloe Dufour, Christopher Ebel, Kyla Fehr, Helen Gauvin, Quinlan Greig, Zach Haddad, Gareth Harding-Russell, John Kalyn, Bethany Leber, Nathan Petryshyn, Kyle Rask, Samantha Ring, Brendan Schick, Melissa Strachan, Becky Thera, Anne Viczko, Teiji Wallace-Lewis, Alana Zyla.

The exhibition includes a multitude of media including ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, print-media, sculpture, installation and mixed media.

A partnership between the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Regina.